Welcome to SfC!

SfC (=Students for Christ) is a group of students who like to spend time together and want to get to know God better, whether they would identify as a Christian or not. Everyone who is interested in faith, or just want to hang out, is welcome, no matter if you are a believer, sceptic or seeker … you are welcome to ask any question and we can pray for you if you like.

Living Room

We meet in the LivingRoom, where we share life in analog and being real with one another. LivingRoom is a place to share and discuss thoughts and beliefs, a place to invest in and to grow. Music has an important place for us.

Small Groups

Additionally you can join what we call small groups. Small groups are weekly small gatherings of people in the comfortable atmosphere of student apartments around Weimar. Small groups is the place where we learn what it means to love God and love others, towards one another in the small group, as well as to our fellow students. Together we read and discuss the stories of the bible, seeking to apply what we learn to our lives. We also seek to be there for one another, by sharing with and praying for one another.

Prayer Breakfast

We believe, that God still hears prayers, as it is written in Matt. 7:7: „Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.“
That is the reason why we want to meet together, once a week for a nice breakfast. To give Him praise, pray for our needs and to hear His voice.

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